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Snow Talk with SIMA podcasts feature in-depth interviews with industry peers, opening up the world of snow and ice to new insights and perspectives.



Talking Snow with Tom Crawford

"We hire for a career, we don't hire for a job. It's kind of our mission."

Tom Crawford is Snow & Ice Services Manager for Mariani Landscape, which provides service to high-end residential and commercial clients in suburban Chicago. He has 20+ years of experience in operations and management for the green and white industries.


Talking Snow with Doug Clark 

"You can have the world's most perfect snowplow, but if the controls are hard or confusing, it doesn't matter how good the widget is, they are going to wind up hating it.”

Doug Clark is Product Manager, Snow Control, for Douglas Dynamics. He oversees product development and innovation for all truck-related snow control products for various brands, including Western Plows and Fisher Plows. Doug has an extensive background in product management for various industries, including the polymer industry. He served 4 years active duty in the Army and 8 years reserve military service.

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